[WTS][AK] AEG's, MAC Attack, URX rail, and a bolt action

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    Classic Army P90 Proline: Billet-style receiver w/ 6 mags - $370 shipped


    "Cut down the receiver to look like a Billet PS90 after a crack was found. Comes with the Red dot module and Evike sells original receivers if you're craving that.
    It has a Streak hopup tracer unit kit installed as well as a basic MOSFET. Also has a ZCI steel barrel with an rhop patch. Guns sound excellent and shoots ~340fps.
    6 midcaps: 5x 60rnd, 1x 110rnd

    **The extra buttplate and STANAG adapter are no longer included in order to fit the gun in a large flatrate with a much lower shipping price. I still have the STANAG adapter, but it'll need it's own box.


    King Arms Thompson: Comes with drum mag - $140


    Has the same electronics as the P90: A streak hop up tracer unit, MOSFET, and an RHopped inner barrel. Gun is very accurate and should shoot better than most used Thompsons you'll find on Ebay. Shoots ~360fps.


    Misc Parts


    URX Rail from an APEX M4; It comes with a damaged but usable receiver and all the hardware with it including an aftermarket charging handle. - $75 - make an offer!
    AK74 folding receiver: steel stamp w/ pot-metal accessory bits - $25
    USMC "Couch Cam" gloves that I'm going to stick in some poor soul's purchase because who designed this pattern!?
    AK adapter for CMag. - $10
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    SF Bay Area
    Nice photography.
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    Most of it is positioning softbox lights: One light is responsible for creatign highlights o the top edges of everything, the second light should create large reflections off of the majority of flat surfaces.
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    Besides rhop what else internally have you done to the sniper?
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    Updated P90 listing to exclude the box mag and extra butt-plate to reduce shipping, price is now $370 shipped.
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    Is the lower receiver on that ABS?