[WTS] AK47, tri color and tiger stripe bdu, mp5 receivers and more

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    JG and ICS MP5 Reciever
    http://i.imgur.com/S7RFdRl.jpg -$15 each (both plastic)
    Tri color desert jacket and pants (Pants have two tiny tiny rips on the leg and crotch) - Jacket $20 Pants -$15
    Vietnam patches
    http://i.imgur.com/QplTaDO.jpg -$5 each
    Modified CM046 with 4 extra magazines. The blowback is disabled and it's replaced with an ICS bolt for full slide satisfaction
    The wood is also finished with blowtorch. I bought it boneyard and I replaced the internals with functioning gears from another stock Cyma AK.
    Unfortunately after many weeks of teching the gun still does not shoot. I have replaced all compression parts, so I suspect that the only problem is the nozzle being too long. It is a very easy fix, and after that it should shoot very easily.
    This is the gun itself
    Here is the full description of all the parts
    I'm looking for 160 plus shipping.
    If you have a
    steel mouth
    Digital flora camoflauge small, medium or large sized set
    any of these
    up for sale, I would be willing to trade some or buy some from you.
    Edit: I'm also selling a high cap mp5 magazine for $5 plus shipping, a small sized tiger stripe BDU for $30 plus shipping, and my whole vietcong loadout (chicom chest rig, black pajamas, scarf, machete, canteen (wouldn't recommend taking this lol), and dump pouch) for $60 plus shipping. I don't have the pics for any of these, that's why I didn't include them in the main sale.