WTS Bioval .30g BB lot (Total of 10 bags)

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    Hello airsofters,

    Total Price: $115 paypal or $100 if payed with cryptocurrency of any kind.

    I have an abundance of Bioval biodegradable .30g BBs in white, new and in box. I bought these wholesale a while back and no longer have time for the hobby, and am looking to sell my remaining BB's. I ran these in all of my HPA setups and I can honestly say these are the best bb's Ive ever used, which is why I bulk ordered so many.

    I'm currently listing one of my many boxes, and one bag has been opened to ensure quality as these have been sitting in my basement for quite sometime but not to worry, they look feel and even smell like new :p

    There are a total of 10 bags, each bag containing 3,300 bbs (1kg)

    Payment would be accepted through paypal, but I would prefer any type of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum) etc. Payment through cryptocurrency of any kind will receive a $15 deduction. The lot will be mailed USPS flat rate.

    https://imgur.com/NPh1ZVk https://imgur.com/g2lDDmH
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    Interested in parting out?