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Hey guys, I'm back for break and have decided to do some spring cleaning. THIS IS THE LAST OF MY PARTS. Gotta let it go before sunday or I'm bringing them back with me (not preferred)


4) BNIB LaRue Tactical LT 755-30S Short Pivot Mount QD - Brand New in Bag, never mounted. Real steel scope mount with QD attachment, bought directly from LRT. Retails at 162.
Selling for 110!!!

9 + 10) BNIB Prometheus Hop-Up Bucking (Soft/Purple) + HunterSeeker5 Barrel Lockdown Kit - Both Brand New in Box/Baggie, never installed. They retail for 15/14, willing to let go as a sweetener, or for 10.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.
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