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Price is Negotiable and I'd love to answer any questions!!! Selling for $650

This is a build I have been doing for about a year now and it is comprised of about $800 worth of parts.

This gun has shot phenomenally and is one of my favourite guns I've ever used, so much that I've never actually fielded it because I'm too worried I'll trip and fall or drop it in some dirt/mud. Although I've never fielded it, I've shot about 1.5k rounds through it off of my deck and this thing is a beast with .3-.43+ bbs.

The only issue I am aware of is an airline issue where the wraith doesn't seem to push out the right PSI but it is a new issue and I haven't played in a Couple months now. For this reason, I am selling as is because I do not want to be liable for this issue and trying to help the new owner fix it (I don't have the time seeing as I am busy with college and work).

The gun will come with the following:

WELL VSR-10 Body with custom matte green paint job, grip tape, and sound dampening poly fill.
Wolverine BOLT with cylinder for VSR-10
Wolverine WRAITH CO2 adapter
Stock pouch to hold mags or the wraith
-3 working magazines (one needs some loving)
AA Teflon cylinder
AA inner barrel (not sure length but it's long)
AA 90* piston
stock pouch for wraith
All of the stock Well internals as well

There are plenty more parts included but I cannot think of them. I have pictures of everything and would love to send them to any serious buyers!

This is a very high end sniper rifle that you do not want to miss out on if you're thinking of the sniper load out!! This is about as high end as you can possibly ask for and can be converted from spring and cylinder to HPA in a matter of an hour or so brining both of best worlds to your gun.

Shoot me any questions or inquiries and we can chat and I can send all other images I have of the gun and the parts!!

Will split shipping cost with buyer
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