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Daytona PDW (Genuine Tony Rizzo Kit) - $700 O.B.O.
I got this gun in a trade. It had some leaks, and so I sent it to Mr. Rizzo for work. After I received it back I found that it was chopping BB's and I contacted him about sending it back to him. He was at Shot Showat the time, and in lieu of a needed out of country trip, I decided to sell it. It had quite a bit of work done to get it back to factory state, and the lack of consistent fire could be because of a hop up or feeding issue. It is 95%, and I'm sure getting it running again will be very easy as it already has seen Mr. Rizzo's work bench. The gun does have RHOP and an extended Prommy BC Bright barrel.

Here is what he did in the shop, costing me $260
- Repaired hop up assembly
- Added in new r hop
- Added in new adjustment screw with ball
- Made delrin crush ring
- Added in airshaft spring
- Replaced all o rings
- Made spacer for bolt as the airshaft is too short and it needed it to function properly
- Added rear fitting as the digl is leaking

BCM Gunfighter real steel ambidextrous charging handle - $60
Troy flip-up iron sights -$200
TangoDown vertical grip -$74
TangoDown BG-16 battlegrip -$36
Magpul rail covers -$24
EMG Hive suppressor -$45
G&P steel sling mount -$10
5KU steel barricade stop -$30
Stock Paracord wrapped for stability

Problems: front site is wobbly

Package includes:
- A bottle of Getsome 1000 lubricant
- A 36" Plano hard case with Kaizen foam cut to hold the PDW with bolt-ons and a pistol.

Available: I have a Redline Mini SFR regulator, a brass braided line and two tanks available for sale as well if the buyer needs them.

PM me for more pictures.
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