WTS DIY Airsoft Face Shield Project Kits [BlackBeard Shield]

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    I have designed and created the first round of production for the FaceShield V1. Inspired by a character from Rainbow Six: Siege called Blackbeard and a youtube creator Scifibear. I have taken the production portion over because 3rd parties are charging outrageous prices (Shapeways $60+ shipping). The first 50 orders will get their mounts for $30+ Shipping.
    *Face shield not included.

    this product was inspired by the Aegis Project

    However, the biggest problem with the design was the way that the shield mounts to the weapon. problem being that whenever I would hit something with the shield attached, it would break at the stress point of the mount. These new mounts were designed to support the shield from two points instead of one and efficiently attach/detach the shield in a convenient manner.

    What will you receive?

    2x Airsoft FaceShield mounts.

    Where do I get the FaceShield?

    We are able to offer FaceShield mounts for DIY enthusiasts while we continue to work on bringing a commercial product to the market. Creating a FaceShield is very simple and easy. Just got to your local Homedepot/hardware store and pick up a sheet of plexiglass, screws and nuts ($15). Cut and heat form to the preferred shape. Mount brackets to opposites sides of the gun. Mount shield. Now you have a unique shield that protects your face/optic that cost less that $50. Here is a video for reference: .

    *Note: To create a tighter fit between shield and mount, use electrical tape on outer rim of shield.

    IMG_0124.JPG IMG_0126.JPG

    if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at my email.

    accepting orders here... Send mailing address for shipping quote.
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