WTS: [emoji631]G&P M14 Black Hawk Down 1993 Delta Style Rifle w/ Accessories + Extras!

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    What I got here is an awesome G&P M14 build I modeled after the Delta operator’s rifle in the movie Black Hawk Down. This rifle is full metal and is very sturdy feels like the real thing! It comes with the rifle and all the accessories and magazines that I spent $650+ on so you’re getting a great deal here! Used it for a few games and have to say it’s the best shooting rifle out of the box I’ve ever owned. Shoots 400fps so it’s an awesome outdoor rifle. If you are a fan of the movie like I am or an airsofter who wants a great gun here ya go! And that awesome paint job! I’m very saddened to let this baby go but I’m working on another build and need the funds haha hope you enjoy let me know if you have any questions. If interested or have questions text me: 8186050668

    PRICE: looking to get $420 for the entire package shipped (PayPal)

    Comes with:

    -G&P M14

    -G&P low profile scope mount

    -G&P aimpoint red dot sight

    -1907 Leather WWII style sling

    -x3 full metal magazines (x2 MAG 180rd midcaps, x1 Cyma 400rd high cap)

    -Carrying case

    - 3000 .30G BBs
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    That thing looks cool. Nice job

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