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Got some replicas I don't use that I wouldn't mind sending to another home. Prices are OBO, shipping fee is calculated, more photos upon request. Paypal (add 5% for G&S) preferred, Venmo also accepted.

Trigger Bumper Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory
WE XDM 4.5" (black), SOLD
4/5 condition
Very ergonomic not-a-G17, comes with one mag. Weighty just like WE Glocks as I hear it is another HK3P design. I have removed the fake striker prime indicator as it makes field stripping difficult, but the parts will be included. The SRU Apache slide in 3/5 condition will also be included, but it needs significant fitment to work.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Everyday carry
WE Hi-Capa 5.1" Dragon "A", $90
3/5 condition
Comes with two mags, I also expoxied in a suppressor adapter into the front piece. The two-tone aesthetic was due to flat-sanding the not-quite-flat slide pieces. Left hand safety fell off, just like how they do on all WE hicapas.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal +
TM M4 CQB 10.5" NGRS, $550
5/5 condition
Testing the waters with this one. It was fired several times for potential buyers but other than that it's sitting in a box. Comes with the TM NiMH "SOPMOD" battery and I'll throw in a 'dumb' charger.

Also have a WE G19g3 package I will add up once I take photos. Thanks for looking everyone


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Wood Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

WE G-series compact mag SOLD
3/5 condition
WE G19/G23 mags, used with propane. Seals are still good, although I found they tend to loosen in shipping - usually easily fixed by tightening the baseplate screw.

AWC VX9 (aka P80 PF940C) complete frame, $70
4/5 condition
Useable with WE G-series compact, I ran it for a little while with a WE G19g4 slide (it's still gen3 profile). Frame only, requires WE slide and mag to make it a complete pistol.

WE G19g3 + compensator/barrel SOLD,
3/5 condition
Has a WE replica SI Mass Driver comp, sadly barrel-attached unlike the real version. Installed a ML Delta 50° packing paired with a ML 113x6.02mm SS inner barrel, chronos at around 340fps with 0.20g. Comes with one mag and the stock parts.


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Air gun Trigger Yellow Gun barrel Machine gun

GHK G5 + 12" Carbine kit + accessories + spares $480
3/5 condition, most very good with some surface rusting on external steel parts

Itemized list with retail prices/links:
1. GHK G5 gas blowback $325
1a. Magpul MOE fixed carbine stock $29.95
1b. GHK M4 stock adapter $14
Note: included generic AEG spec buffer tube modified to fit Magpul stock
1c. generic AR-15 A2 pistol grip with screw modified to fit
Note: AR-15 spec along with most M4 GBBR pistol grips are compatible
1d. GHK G5 high velocity nozzle $30
1e. Hephaestus steel auto lever $12
1f. Hephaestus aluminum cocking handle $15
1g. GHK G5 12" carbine kit $70
1h. ZCI 300x6.02mm SS inner barrel $23
1i. Element PWS Diablo FH -14mm CCW $13.95
2. spare GHK G5 lower receiver, black $40
3. spare GHK G5 charging handle tip, black (factory-installed replaced part)
4. spare GHK G5 hop chamber assembly $7
5. spare GHK magazine cutoff lever $5
6. 3x spare GHK magazine feed lips/gas routers 3x$5
Note: mags are v1 and current v2 feed lips need to be modified to fit, can be done with 5 minute dremel job
7. spare GHK hop packing/nub $7
Note: stock G5 hop chamber uses AEG inner barrel/packing/nub
8. TNT high flow nozzle $40
Note: gives higher FPS but full auto performance is bad
9. spare GHK stock nozzle (factory-installed replaced part)
10. 2x spare GHK G5 GMAG 40rd gas magazine, black 2x$58
Note: 3x mags total included, they have been numbered for tracking. #2&#3 have new feed lips/gas routers, #2 has new fill valve installed.

Mag #1 (9rds fired)
Max: 437.3fps, 1.78J
Drop: 21.1fps, 5.07%
Avg: 426.1fps, 1.69J
Mag #2 (10rds fired)
Max: 442.0fps, 1.81J
Drop: 23.7fps, 5.67%
Avg: 431.4fps, 1.73J
Mag #3 (10rds fired)
Max: 430.4fps, 1.72J
Drop: 15.3fps, 3.69%
Avg: 422.1fps, 1.66J
Overall (29rds fired)
Max: 442.0fps, 1.81J
Drop: 26.9fps, 6.48%
Avg: 426.5fps, 1.69J

All spare parts are important for the G5 and all accessories are part of the package. Anything not shown is not included, primarily the original G5 stock and pistol grip. Retail on these items if they were bought brand new is $762.90 plus shipping.


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