[WTS][FL] Upgrade ASG Scorpion Evo, plus tan plate carrier.

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    Getting rid of my ASG EVO. Has been an amazing gun, but after I stopped working at the local airsoft shop, I've lost interest. Its in really good shape, and hits very consistently as it is flat hopped. Its been a while since ive chronoed the Evo, but its either right at 350 fps (For my cqb field) or about 400 (for my outdoor field) I dont have access to a chrono anymore so I cant remember which it is. Ill include a couple different springs so you can swap them out to your liking.
    I also just installed a brand new ECU/Trigger board wiring set in the gun. I will also include the older spare as well.


    Orga Lex inner, Namazu red flat nub, prometheus purple bucking (The dream combo)
    Short Stroke ASG trigger
    Right side blank adapter (Comes with original slector as well)
    ASG Upgraded spring guide
    Screws in pistol grip and motor plate have been replaced with titanium screws. (Can include extras)

    What she comes with:
    The Evo
    6 Midcaps
    Replica MRO w/ riser
    11.1v 1500 ASG Lipo (For Scorpion)
    Lipo Charger
    STANAG style speedloader
    As well as everything you see on the gun itself


    I also have a tan plate carrier that has several different pouches on it, including what I carried my EVO magazines in. Im not sure of the brand, it is just some Chinese plate carrier. Its made out of decent material and has no signs of wear on it. Some pouches are Chinese, some are name brand.


    Whats Included:
    Tan Plate Carrier
    Large Map Pouch
    1x Triple open top smg pouch
    1x double open top smg pouch
    1x smg taco pouch
    1x foldable dump pouch
    1x large utility pouch
    1x Hydration Carrier
    1x concealed quick dead rag

    Patches NOT* included

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    could you do $375 shipped for the evo?

  3. Hesterminator

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    Johns Creek
    you know what $375 ill pay for shipping
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    Is the evo still available?
  5. Shadow1Delta

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    Is the plate carrier available? What size is it?