WTS Full Metal Colt M4/ Block 1.5

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    WTS Full Metal Colt M4 / Block 1.5
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    Full metal Colt receiver(engraved), VFC 14.5 outer barrel, steel M4 flashider, GHK kac ris(solid), FMA PEQ-15 red laser/IR laser, ebay flashlight, repro aor2 Vtac sling, repro DD QD mount, repro kac vert grip, repro Magpul asap, Magpul rail covers. SHS 12:1 gears, SHS 14 tooth piston, SHS oring air nozzle, SHS high torque motor, SHS silent piston head, modify double oring cylinder head, bearing spring guide, 9MM ball bearings, SHS chopped M150 spring, NUKEFET mosfet to deans. Stock inner barrel and rotary hop up with GHK flat bucking. Shoots 445FPS with .25g 21rps with 11.1v. I can put a stock spring in if you want.