WTS G&G Plastica M4, CYMA M14, WE 1911 SOCOM

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    So I have been meaning to do this for a while, but finally got around to digging all this stuff out of my closet. Basically, I don't use any of it at all anymore.

    Obviously, I don't have any history or post count here. I used to use a different forum a fair bit, but it appears it has gone inactive. So, I totally understand if you are leery. That being said I am happy to try to verify my validity however if you are nervous.

    None of this stuff was used in any more than probably 3 games or more than 5k rounds. All guns work great.

    The List-

    G&G Plastica M4 (Pre Combat Machine) - $90

    - G&G metal high cap & D-boys metal high cap
    - Broke flash hider trying to remove it
    - Dust cover stuck open.
    - Fuse has been removed from handguards.
    - Is shown with MOE handguards. However, they have been removed. Comes with standard handguards
    - Missing rear body pin.

    Summary: Lots of minor stuff, really solid gun overall.

    CYMA M14- $85
    - 2 CYMA metal High caps
    - Has a metal scope mount already installed
    - Missing traditional M14 end/flash hider. Has normal M4 birdcage
    - Front half has green painted stripes


    WE 1911- $75
    - 3 mags, the two silver ones are a little loose at the bottom but not bad.

    All of these prices could be totally off, it has been a long time since I have followed any of that.

    With that in mind, I am quite willing to deal, and would LOVE to see all this as a package. I have not included shipping in prices, but we can work whatever out.

    Oh, and I would prefer to use PayPal.

    Thanks for looking guys!
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    Really willing to deal on this stuff.

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