WTS G&P m4 carbine with extra mags

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    Some of you probably saw my previous threa, but some things have changed and I can no longer update my original post in the other thread.

    For sale is a G&P m4 carbine. The gun is in near perfect condition. Full metal w/crane stock. Less than 5000 rounds have been fired through it. Internally it has been shimmed, AoE had been corrected (sorbothane), it has been R-hopped, and had the Teflon barrel stabilization mod done. Trigger response is very good on a 9.6v battery. The gun shoots lasers to ~175'. I'd say max affective range is 250'. The motor has been upgraded with a JG blue, and the piston head to a SHS POM.

    Externally the gun is stock. Everything is metal except for the stock, handguard, and pistol grip.

    The gun comes with the stock G&P carry handle, a G&G rear sight, one G&P mid cap magazine, one G&G polymer mid cap, and four metal high cap magazines.

    Price: $220 + shipping.

    If you have any questions or offers please let me know.

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