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I'm selling my Wolverine SMP that was modified to work with the G&P Stoner 63/MK 23. This is a complete drop in gearbox.

Wood Electrical wiring Cable Electronic device Wire
Wood Cable Electrical wiring Auto part Wire

Installation only takes 5-10 minutes with only one small modification required to your pistol grip. This is a great deal if you currently own a G&P Stoner since you can basically drop this in and keep your original AEG gearbox intact.

The work for this conversion was performed for by Rudy Hilado of Bingo Airsoft Works (later Bingo Airsoft Designs) before he retired. He is well known throughout the airsoft community for his HPA conversions as well as some of his other products such as the Bingo Airsoft AS5 Assault Rifle and his Polar Star Jack MP7 conversion kit now sold through Airsoftjunkiez.

Rudy shortened the original M4 air nozzle by 2.3mm and also wired the trigger board, FCU, and box magazine block to retain the auto winding capability for the box magazine. It also comes with an Amped Grip Line (AGL). This is all contained in an original G&P V2 gearbox with the Stoner 63 specific parts such as the Stoner 63 trigger and the mechanism on the front of the gearbox for the auto winding of the box magazine. Semi and full auto work, as well as auto winding of the box magazine when the trigger gets pulled. The dwell and ROF can be adjusted on the FCU itself.

Other modifications to the gearbox shell include opening up the back of the gearbox because I had the air line routed through the back of my Stoner 63 as I drilled a hole in the bottom of the stock similar to how others run their air lines out the back of their M4s through their sling plates. You can still route the air line though your pistol grip however if you want to. I also installed a 3/32nds allen set screw on one side of the gearbox for alignment purposes.

The only modification you will need to do your Stoner is to slightly enlarge the opening in your pistol grip where the motor goes into the gearbox in order to fit the increased diameter of the Amped Grip Line (AGL). Otherwise, If you have a rotary tool, then this will take a few minutes.

In order to install it, you just have to open up the gearbox and disconnect the AGL from the back of the unit and then route it through the grip and into the receiver and then hook it back up to the SMP, close the gearbox and drop in the gearbox into the receiver and screw in the pistol grip. I can direct you to disassembly videos on YouTube if you would like. Other than that, it's a very simple and quick drop in.

I'm including an Amped Airsoft mini lipo battery so all you need to supply is your own air tank, regulator and air line. I'm also including a wrench to unscrew and re-screw the AGL back on. And I'll include an extra 3/32nds allen screw.

I'm selling this for $289 shipped to the lower 48 states.

Shipping will be extra for AK/HI.

I will also sell this internationally, but the buyer will be responsible for paying for shipping as well as insurance covering the entire amount for both buyer and seller protection.

If this doesn't sell by itself, then I will entertain selling it with my G&P Stoner 63 (railed version) that I currently have it in and it will include the box magazine internals retrofitted into an RPD magazine wired for a pressure pad at an increased price. Message me if you are interested in it and I can give you more information.
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