All guns work, most have some cosmetic issues. Scuffs, scratches, messed up screw heads, etc. I only ever shot them in my backyard. Detailed pics for each in the albums & proof of fuction vids available upon request. The battery I tested the aegs with is an old nimh with very little capacity & it does not fit in the battery compartment of either, so neither will come with a battery. I'm open to offers, especially if you're interested in more than one item. I should be able to ship the pistols & the PP19 pretty quick, but I don't have boxes ready for the M16, M700, or PPSH so it'll take me a few days or longer to get them out. Payment via paypal only. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them if I can!
G&P WOC/M16: 150+shipping
S&T PPSH: 200+shipping Sold
LCT PP19: 200+shipping
KJW M700 Takedown: 125+shipping
WE Luger: 50 shipped
KJW 1911s: 100 shipped
KWA USP Tac: 100 shipped
KWA MK23: 150 shipped
Marushin Mateba: 350 shipped
1. G&P WOC/M16 Originally a challenge kit, only upgrades are steel buffer retainer pin, steel hammer, & steel disconnector. In attempts to get it to run right after I got it I lightened the bolt carrier pretty haphazardly. It's ugly but you can't see it when it's assembled, & I deburred the outsides of the holes so it shouldn't impede function. It runs decently, sometimes the bolt carrier gets stuck in the back of the receiver if you fire at an upward angle, or while holding the gun sideways. I have some ideas as to why, but I'm not going to try and fix it as it's only intermittent. Also, the front sight can rotate a few degrees in either direction. And I cut the gas tube to fit because I was too cheap to buy an armorers wrench. Comes with one 50rd promag that does not leak & the old non steel parts I replaced. Also have an A2 style flash hider I'll include, just forgot to put it on for pics.
2. S&T PPSH Stock, works fine, wired to deans, EBB not disabled. A lot of scratches on the stock where the buttplate swivels & a notch in the orange tip becuase a bb got stuck rattling in there once and it was driving me crazy. Comes with one drum mag and a ppsh sling.
3. LCT PP19 Completely stock other than being wired to deans. Has a nasty slit from a dremel because I wanted to get the set screw out of the front sight block a few years back. I have no idea why I did this honestly, but you really won't see it unless you look for it. Comes with the original coupled mags, original box & an orange flash hider. The mags have some electrical tape on the top just to tighten up the fit to the magwell.
4. KJW M700 Takedown I got this one second hand, previous owner had the mag set up for HPA but I plugged it to use propane. I have the HPA fitting still, and would be happy to convert it back! Works well, very minimal wobble in the forend. Scope is a 4x32 ruger scope off a pellet rifle, works fine but missing one of the caps for the adjustment turrets. Also it has really short eye relief, even set as far back as it is you have to put your face pretty far up the stock. Comes with one non leaky 10rnd mag & the scope & rings.
5. WE Luger 6 inch model with a weird paintjob. I dropped it once and it stopped locking open on an empty mag, but it still works fine otherwise. The mag leaks of course! Not too badly, but I've tried to seal it up a few times in the past and it always starts leaking again eventually. Comes with one mag and the original box.
6. KJW 1911s KJW 1911s
One was originally an MEU that I wanted to make look like Snake's from MGS3. Only ever got halfway there. The thumb safety is just one half of the ambi, no idea where the other half is. The second was an A1 style I picked up off ebay for the frame. It's an amalgam of the old MEU parts and some (most notably the hammer) from an old WE hi capa that I had. They both work well, but have the grip safeties disabled. Comes with them in the case, 3 green gas mags (none leak) and one c02 mag that I cannot test as I have no c02 cartridges.
7. KWA USP Tactical KWA USP Tactical
Got this second hand, just put a new main seal in a couple days ago and it works well. The mag it comes with is just a normal NS2 usp mag, but it works & doesn't leak, just has a different baseplate. No box and no hopup tool.
8. KWA MK23 KWA MK23
Also got this second hand, and also just put a new main seal in it. Works fine, but one of the tabs on the magazine baseplate snapped off while I was testing it after putting the main seal in & I super glued it back together. Just to be clear, NOT to the mag, I glued the cracked piece back on to the main piece of the baseplate and put it back on the mag body. Comes with one non leaky mag, original box, and hopup adjustment tool
9. Marushin Mateba Marushin Mateba
Bought new from impulse101, never shot. Listed as "Excellent HW (limited edition)". Only got it because I'm a big ghost in the shell fan. Heavyweight plastic and real wood grip. Comes in original box, with 12 total shells & some bbs that came with it.
MISC misc
Also have a smart charger (imax b6ac), about 1000~ .33 G&G bbs, and 2400~ .40 Jag arms bbs. You can have the smart charger for free with either aeg, or any of the bbs with any gun if you want them.