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Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

All prices are listed without shipping, the buyer is responsible for shipping, I have no problem giving a shipping quote with a zip code. Prices do include Paypal G&S fees, I will be responsible for them. I will also be at Iron Horse 4 in Perry, GA. If you will be there also I have no problem bringing it with me.

guns have been tested, they are in good working condition unless otherwise specified.

I will work with you to get the cheapest shipping you can, if you have a discount way of getting a shipping label you can send it to me.

Payment only made through PayPal/Venmo G&S I will send you the request to your account and then you'll pay me.

up to 3 working days to ship out an item (most of the time it is 1)

  • Tokyo Marui G3 SG1 with Box, original Battery, 2 high caps, 1 mid caps: $350
    • This beauty is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition, a true collector's item.
  • WE Glock 18C w/ PDU-K Carbine Kit w/ 6 hpa tapped mags: $500
    • SOOOO much fun to shoot, I hate that I have to sell her, to be honest.
  • G&P Rapid Fire II Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ QD Barrel Extension: $300
    • It has an upgraded shs high torque motor upgraded piston, piston guide, cylinder, cylinder head. Corrected AOE re-shimmed, proper motor contact, Comes with 11.1v 1800Mah 30C battery, waterproof Nukefet This gun does not have the spring for the charging handle, but it will come with the charging handle and the charging handle cover.
  • ASG Dan Wesson 6" CO2 Airsoft Revolver Airsoft Grey Full Metal Pistol Hand Gun: $90
    • Never been fielded. This gun was used as a prop. It comes with the gun, top rail is already attached, 6 shells, 1 speed loader (not pictured)
  • Echo 1 G36C: $110
    • Missing pin for the front foregrip battery cover, but everything else works great, comes with one high cap
  • UMAREX H&K USP Non-Blowback (C02) with 2 plastic mags and 1 metal mag: $30
  • KWC Desert Eagle with 1 regular magazine and 1 extended magazine: $100
    • Comes with hop up bucking in a bag, the hop up chamber has a crack in it so you'll probably need a new one ($10)
  • Airsoft Sniper Idk what brand w/ 2 mags and a bipod: $90
  • Airsoft Sig Saur P226 Idk what brand: $80
    • comes with a green gas mag, but it only shoots 3 shots then stops. I replaced all of the O rings on the magazine so it's not that, maybe the gun is made for co2? Idk honestly.
  • 3x CYMA 250rd mp5 double mag: $20
  • Boneyard APS ACP: $30
    • Comes with a complete fully functioning slide lower half and some pieces of the hammer assembly the parts with the hammer are pictured. does not come with a magazine.
  • Boneyard Full Metal and real wood AK47 Upper and Lower receiver: $40
    • Comes with the inner barrel, and hop-up system. Does NOT come with a gearbox, motor, handgrip, stock, etc.
  • Airsoft Amplifier: $20
  • Gloves: $10
  • Unknown brand Thompson midcap magazine: $5 or free with purchase
  • Mp5 stock and handguard: $5 or free with purchase
  • Used Knock off speedloader: $20
    • works great, I just don't need it anymore.
  • Elite force Glock holster: $10
    • Does not fit TM/WE full-sized Glock series. It's a little too thin because those replicas are dimensionally closer to the .45 ACP versions of the Glock.

Any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll clarify.


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