[WTS] GBLS DAS GDR-15 Blowback Airsoft Rifle - Now's your chance to pick one up for 35% off!

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    Hello fellow airsofters. Unfortunately the time has come for me to part with my brand new GBLS DAS DYNAMIC ACTION SYSTEM GDR-15 CARBINE AEG. (PICTURES HERE, TEST VIDEO HERE - This posting is also available on reddit, hence the reddit timestamps) Yes, you read that right. I'm selling what is considered by many to be the most realistic AEG on the market today. The realism and function this gun provides is second to none. If you've ever dreamed of owning an airsoft rifle that combines both the ease of use of an AEG and the realism of a GBBR, look no further. This one completely blows the competition out of the water in form and function.

    This is the new updated 2019 version with PTS furniture, a lightened and very crisp ~6lb trigger (not the creepy 12 lb monster trigger from the 2018 models) and new hop up unit that is guaranteed to not chop bb's as long as you use high quality ones. Additional features include (copied & pasted from their website):

    • Extremely realistic blowback; BCG experiences full travel through the buffer tube, providing extremely realistic kick - (If you want added recoil, you can even use Tokyo Marui M4 MWS or real steel buffers with added weight!)

    • Full PTS Centurion Arms rail system with rail covers and handstop

    • Prometheus 6.03mm precision inner barrel with WA style hopup chamber

    • Steel toothed bolt

    • Unique proprietary GBLS Mosfet system with precocking and mechanical bolt stop on empty

    • PTS Centurion Arms RIS, PTS motor grip, and PTS stock

    • All parts CNC machined (except for receiver and PTS components)

    • Matte black Cerakote finish on the receiver with DAS trademarks

    • Realistic weight and feel provides excellent handling

    • (6) STEEL 60 ROUND MAGAZINES ($200+ value)

    • Grizzly real firearm gun grease included ($16 value), I will also throw in an 11.1v Li-Ion nunchuck battery if you can come pick up the gun.

    "The GBLS GDR15 utilizes their groundbreaking Dynamic Action System, or DAS for short. The DAS is an electronically powered rifle that provides realistic blowback. We are extremely enthusiastic about this platform as it can be regarded as the first of its kind; an AEG training rifle that provides real recoil kick with a full-travel bolt.

    GBLS DAS rifles are currently in use for training by South Korean military and special forces, as well as NYPD SWAT."

    Length: 808mm - 873mm, Adjustable
    Weight: 3.0 kg (6.6lbs)
    Inner Barrel: 365mm
    Magazine Capacity: 30-60 (variable)
    Thread Direction: 14mm positive
    Gearbox: DAS proprietary blowback design
    Motor: Proprietary
    Fire Modes: Full/Semi-Auto, Safety
    Battery: 11.1v Butterfly Type LiPo recommended (ONLY compatible with 11.1v LiPo batteries. Wired to the stock with a standard Deans Connector)
    Hopup: Yes, Adjustable (WA style, proprietary bucking)

    This gun has been fired a few times only to test its functionality. This gun has never been fielded. There is no visible wear except a little bit of residue on the grip & stock left from the sticky orange tape required by New York/California law which can be easily rubbed off, as well as some light buffer tube marks from testing. You will need a crane stock or small stick 11.1v LiPo/Li-Ion deans battery to run this beast - 7.4V BATTERIES WILL NOT WORK. THIS GUN NEEDS A LOT OF JUICE. There is a built-in mosfet with precocking system that cocks the piston prior to firing, which is paired with a neodymium super magnet motor so the trigger response is instant and the gun makes a WHAP sound instead of a screechy wrrrr-thunk typical of normal AEG's.

    Asking price is $1250 + shipping (UPS Ground, CONUS only). No trades. Looking for Paypal/cash only. If you can drive up to Massachusetts to pay in cash in person, I'll cut $100 off the asking price. This gun normally retails for $1750, and 5 mags are $200. You are essentially getting a new gun for 35% off the original price. My loss is your gain.

    Why am I selling this gun? Recently I got into a severe car accident and injured my arms, neck, and shoulder. In addition, I have a weakened wrist from an injury sustained last year. My wallet has also taken a huge hit and my insurance rates are about to skyrocket so airsoft is the last thing on my mind right now as much as I love the sport. This week's been a tough one but I'm ready to bounce back, and every last penny really helps.

    Thanks a lot for looking and have a nice day! Any questions? Feel free to ask me.
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    You have an Instagram? And is price flexible even more? I live in MA as well