WTS: GHK Colt M4A1 GBBR (14.5)

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    Colt marked 14.5 in carbine with five magazines, an adjustable FPS nozzle, and a standard nozzle. All of the magazines are leak free and feed smoothly. Bolt lock actuates every single time, even with surprisingly little gas left in the magazine.

    There is paint wear on the M4 but everything works well. I bought it used to test but it wasn't quite what I wanted. I have owned G&P, Inokatsu, VFC, etc and this is a great GBBR that compares favorably.

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    Price: $515 plus shipping. This package will run you roughly $640 + shipping new from Evike with the 25% off.

    Only trade consideration is a Marui recoil shock SOPMOD/CQBR.