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Today, I'm looking to offload a King Arms Block 2 GBBR. The internals and externals on this gun are in very good condition. There is one screw missing from the rail as shown, but it has no effect on the rigidity of the rail. It cycles smoothly and has a nice kick. You will need an NPAS installed to make it field legal depending on your local fields chrono rules as it fires 370 fps with .40g bb's.
The replica holographic sight and magnifier will come with the gun. The holographic seems to have some electrical issues as it will turn on and stay at the same brightness setting and will not turn off until the battery is removed. Other than that, it is a great sight.
I will be including 2 pmags and 10 king arms mags with the gun. I believe 5 of the KA mags need new fill valves and 4 others need to be sealed around the top. The Pmags work well.
Given the issues with the mags and the sight, I'm looking to get $400 obo plus shipping out of it as the mags shouldn't take too much effort to fix. If you have any questions or have another offer, feel free to PM me.


1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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