WTS: Krytac CRB w/ Rhop, 35 RPS (SEE BUILD)

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    Gun Test Video: Please Watch Video.

    .20g ~380 FPS ~35 RPS ~250-300 ft range, Great Trigger Response
    Shimmed to perfection. All mods have been done (radius, air seal etc.), Gun already teched on for you
    This is for people looking for an extremely reliable AEG, while also being a powerhouse. I can guarantee this gun will last you years without worry. It is a balance build of rate of fire and trigger response, with durability and reliability that will last you years. Feeds flawlessly, Part list below.

    Krytac CRB (1st Gen) Best Generation (retail $325 MAP)

    ACCURACY/PARTS: (retail $160)
    ZCI 6.02 Stainless Steel Tightbore Barrel
    Maple Leaf 75D Bucking (flat hop modded)
    Flat Mnub
    10.5/14.5 Silver Outer Barrel
    Lonex Hop Up
    MBUS Sights
    Eotech (Not Included)
    KAC Silencer Foam Filled (Not Included unless asked)
    Magpul Vertical Foregrip
    x2 Keymod rail Segments
    Retro Arms Selector Switch

    INTERNALS: (retail $260)
    Lonex Gearbox
    ZCI 3/4 Cylinder Stainless Steel
    SHS 15T Swiss Cheesed Piston SS 2 Teeth
    SHS M120 Spring
    SHS 12:1 High Speed Gears (4th Gen)
    SHS Trigger Contacts
    Gate MERF 3.2 Mosfet
    SHS POM Piston Head
    3/16 70D AirPad
    Guarder Spring Guide
    Lonex 8mm Bearings
    Lonex Cutoff Lever
    SHS High Torque 16TPA Neo Motor
    Lonex Tappet Plate
    ZCI O ring Aluminum Nozzle
    14AWG Low Resistance Wire
    SPEED Trigger
    SHS Cylinder Head
    SHS Sector Delay Chip
    Deans Connectors, Lonex Motor Connectors

    This gun is solid as a rock, Please message me for any questions or inquiries.

    RETAILS FOR $745 TOTAL, ASKING $549. Free Mags and Lipo for Serious Buyers.
    -Shipped safely in Bubble Wrap.

    Price can be lowered with specific parts swapped or removed (will use in my other builds)
    If buying, I can change the fps to your desire as well :) Thanks for looking

    $549 TOTAL, Lipo, Mags included, for Serious buyers. Paypal Only.

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