WTS KWA Kriss Vector, TM Hi-capa IPSC race gun , blowback Maruzen P-99, STAR SL8

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    I am cleaning out my airsoft locker! am looking to clear up some space by getting rid of some of my lesser used gear. This being said I have not used these for a while and as such will only do basics test before shipment to ensure that the weapon fires and cycles bb’s correctly. I will not make any claims on accuracy and the amount of wear on parts. I can send additional photos if you are very serious and want to know more.

    All work was done by a professional and is of high quality. I am open to negotiation.

    I can provide any pictures requested as long as it does not require extensive disassemble of the weapon, i can also upload videos of the weapons firing through a whole magazine in all fire-modes. I will provide photos at every step of the shipping process.

    Album https://imgur.com/a/jziwwUm

    Custom Hi-capa race gun-- $600
    KWA KRISS Vector upgraded -- $750
    Custom blowback Maruzen P-99 -- $600
    • Maruzen internals
    • NINE BALL Barrel Spacer for Maruzen P99 Fixed
    • Shooters Design 150% Recoil Spring For Maruzen P99 Blowback Model
    • Shooters Design Metal Barrel for Maruzen P99 ( Silver )
    • Shooters Design Metal Slide for Maruzen P99 ( Black )
    • KM 6.04mm TN Inner Barrel for Maruzen P99
    • fiber sights (rear is missing one of the fiber optic rod but i will order a replacement just need to measure the diameter of the fiber)
    • 2 standard magazines
    • 2 high cap magazines (40 rounds)
    • https://imgur.com/27DagiZ
    • https://imgur.com/vZ05KQG
    Custom made SL-8 -- $450
    Claymore -- $100
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    Mission Viejo
    Do you still have the star SL8 body?