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KWA M16 with 5 Magazines (3 mid 2 high)
Gun is in Fine condition other than cosmetic scratches
Been used quite a bit and I've had it a while, comes in original box
Wired to large tamiya (its can be an inconvenience)
Asking around $230 OBO

G&P M5 12" RAS
Fits the M16 perfectly
Once again only cosmetic scratches
Asking $70 OBO

or $260 for both

M203 with Heat shield and leaf sight
Unknown brand, should work just fine, i never bought shells for it
Two small chips in the heat shield but otherwise its perfect
203 is Barrel mounted and needs a new front mounting ring
Asking $150 for it OBO

Or $350 for this and the M16

Or $420 for all 3

Make me offers, I need these gone. I'm open to trades but money is my #1 Priority


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