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- Items will be cross-posted. Priority will be determined by timestamps via Private Message.
- Price: Or Best Offer, and include shipping cost (which will receive tracking)
- Payment: PayPal only (methods including gift/friends/family, or include 4% additional for payment via goods/services)
- All items sold as described ONLY, no additional items unless specified, and functioning when they leave my possession.

KWA SR10 + deans connectors (red dot not included)
Price: $150 shipped
Sat for a few years, so before it was put away it was running with an SHS green polycarb piston + polycarb piston head and spring to hit 350-400ish but now not the case and I don't have the time to work on it.
Issue: either weak spring, bad piston teeth and getting short stroked, or bad compression seal from 2GX bucking, not in the mood to buy parts to find out. I know for a fact gearbox compression is perfect since I just took it out to check.
- Red dot not included unless you want it; add $25 to package price.

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Gun barrel

Replica Aimpoint CompM2 + cantilever mount, rubber covers
Price: $30 shipped
- Pristine external condition w/ rubber cover and bikini front and rear covers.
- 2 red, 2 green intensities
- LR44 button cell watch battery powered
Issue: Adjustment dial has cover and ziptie to keep forward pressure on dial or the dot can disappear sometimes.
Tire Wheel Photograph Automotive tire Light


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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