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Looking to get out of the sport to finance an engagement ring, so this is what I've got to offer. Check out my other threads too!

1) Paypal only
2) No Trades
3) The more you buy, the better of a deal you get.
4) Prices are without shipping included.
5) If you want more/better pictures of a specific item, feel free to ask.
6) Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
7) Sales are final.

1) KWA SR-10: $325 SHIPPED

This gun has been my primary for a couple years. I play on average one big op a year, so it's rarely used. It comes with everything pictured.

It has:
-Magpul FDE rail covers
-mock suppressor
-Magpul ASAP plate
-G&P Micro red dot
-Magpul AFG
-Magpul RSA
-UTG flashlight, 150 Lumen, w/ pressure switch
-Properly shimmed
-AOE corrected
-Fox Airsoft high speed gears (13:1)
-Flat hop
-Extreme Fire Cheetah Mosfet


Has general wear marks from use and holstering/drawing. Comes with 2 mags.
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