[WTS][KY-USA] Painted Protec Helmet, Kryptek Mandrake Set (Sm/R), Laser, Suppressor

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    Hello guys,

    I recently came into a bit of misfortune and need to get rid of a few things to pay for life things. Sucks, but it has to happen.

    Images can be found here!
    (Sorry for the low-res/bad lighting. Took these at 3am)

    $45 - First up is a Protec A-Bravo helmet, green base, painted with a snakeskin pattern. The original memory foam cushioning is still perfectly intact and has been fitted with velcro on the inside to keep it from moving or sliding around. There has also been black ARC rails mounted on both sides to be used with helmet accessories and they are SNUG. Has soft-side velcro on the back for a a V-light or something similar as well as the goggle strap hooks to...well, keep your goggles...strapped. NVG mount is a bit different looking, but still holds true and works with a GoPro mount. However, I don't own a GoPro, only been borrowing from a field owner for promotion, so I don't know exactly which mount works and which doesn't.

    $50 - Second, the Kryptek Mandrake set. I'm a tall (6'1"), tiny (140lbs) guy, so this set is in Small/Regular. It does have a small cut in the left shin, which has not expanded in the many times I've used it since I noticed the cut, and I'm very hard on my gear. Has integrated kneepads with adjustments all over the place and fits nicely. The top hasn't been worn nearly as much as the pants, so it's still in pretty damn good condition and doesn't smell like arm pits too bad.

    $45 - Third, we have the green laser. I have no idea what brand it is and have only ever used it once. Had it on my gun, ran it for 2 games, took it off and it's sat ever since. The battery is still in it and still has plenty of life. Pressure pad driven, bright enough to see the beam at night. Attaches to rails or can be taken out of the adapter to be by itself. Should have the on/off switch in the box as well.

    $40 - Last is the suppressor. It is an old ICS (I think) M4 suppressor that attaches to a standard bird cage and locks into place. Cap is removable at the end and hollow inside. Not much else to say other than I don't know where the original flash hider is, but it should fit any bird cage.


    All prices are firm and ready to ship, PayPal ready only. I will not hold items. Items will be sent the next possible postage day and will be sent via priority mail with tracking.

    Thanks for your time!
    - Seraphim / Local Southern-KY Airsoft shop rep ;)