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    Hey guys, I need to raise money so I can fly home for Thanksgiving :(

    I have the following stuff I can sell, I don't know how much it might cost to ship some of these right now. I will post pictures tonight. I'll split shipping with buyer, PayPal only, bundles are good too, can discount. All Prices are OBO, I really need to get some money by Monday :(

    List key: (!) means shipping will probably be cheap; (*) contact me for details

    .ZCI 6.02 tight bore barrel 509mm - $25
    .Echo1 Platinum motor - $10 (!)
    .ProWin Rotary Hop up chamber - $20 *you can pick a nub (flat/stock)!* (!)
    .Full APS Guardian M4 EBBR set of internals AND externals ~$100 (*)
    -Front Wired Gearbox
    -any parts from the APS Guardian I can part out

    If you want me to build the APS Rifle for you, I can do that. I'll shim the gearbox properly for you as well. Price is negotiable.

    I will update this thread as more parts come available
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