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    Hello everyone! I currently have a very large amount of military grade back packs and duffel bags from a family member of mine's store which unfortunately recently closed in southern Minnesota. He owned a shop which sold things relating to camping, airsoft, paintball, hiking, etc. and he sold many different types of backpacks and bags which is what he has asked me to help him sell.

    The prices for these bags have been dropped significantly from their original price and all include free shipping as well! Fees through paypal are also on us, so feel free to take advantage of this awesome limited time deal while it lasts. These are all extremely high quality bags and are all brand new, never used. These are phenomenal for carrying gear to and from the field and don't look ugly either.

    I will be using the images he had on his website to better and more easily showcase the products seeing as they are done by professionals rather than myself with a dimly lit living room haha. Feel free to send any messages or questions about the products and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!

    Product 1: Athletic Style Military Back Pack............................$60 (msrp 149.99)

    Available in Tan, Black, ACU, and Desert Digital (DD)


    Product 2: 25L Water Proof Ruksack........................................$65 (MSRP 179.99)

    Available in Black, Olive, Tan, Tan Kryptek, and Black Kryptek.


    Product 3: 60L Water Resistant Military Back Pack and Duffel Bag.........$150 (MSRP 299.99)

    Available in only Black (These are the same image but he only sent me a tan image of for the sideways view, my apologies)



    Product 4: Tactical 900D Nylon Backpack (water resistant)................$100 (MSRP 199.99)

    Available in Black, ACU, and Tan



    If anything seems wrong with them, please feel free to send me a message and Ill try to resolve it, however, we no longer have a contract with our vendor so all sales must be deemed final for liability.

    Thanks for looking,


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    What brands are these?

  3. Camziegler56

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    I’m not exactly sure. I believe they Vary seeing as its a white label manufacturer (they make back packs for companies like under armour and Oakley). The former store owner had them branded as his own for time being but I’m not exactly sure what they are.

    rest assured, they are very good quality.
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    bump! need gone asap! send offers
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    El paso
    They look good, the bags.