[WTS] {OH, USA} Full loadout and more

Discussion in 'Gear Classifieds' started by sciaman90, May 15, 2018.

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  1. sciaman90

    sciaman90 New Member

    Selling everything, hoping to sell as a bundle. If you want specific items PM with offer.

    Two vests, one is a lightweight OD green vest.
    The other is a heavier Multicam vest. Both are in excellent condition

    Five sets of BDU's.
    2x Multicam
    1x ATACS FG
    1x Tan
    1x Project Honor camo (Digital patterned Multicam essentially)

    One tactical belt, currently has 3x2 mag pouches. One dump pouch, one flashlight pouch, a speed loader pouch and a pistol holster. It's good and rigid.

    Molle Backpack (Multicam), currently on the OD green vest, fantastic for polarstar users. Has a bladder and plenty of space for other stuff.

    One helmet, has patches/red LED included.

    ESS Turbofans/facemask. Facemask is ziptied on currently, can be removed easily.

    Also have several cans of green gas and some BB's I'll toss in if you buy several things.

    Plenty of random M4 mag pouches and etc.

    All of it in one package for 500. If you want specific items PM me a price.

  2. link0

    link0 Active Member

    San Jose
    What size are the BDUs? What's your height/weight?

  3. sciaman90

    sciaman90 New Member

    Mainly large, some medium. I am 5'10 200 pounds. There's a bit of wiggle room either direction for sizing.