P* M14 EBR 1300 M14 EBR
installed by the bingo man Rudy himself
R hop
DG AK 1200 LCT Body DG AK
Installed by Tony the man himself
R hop
Tanaka M700 in AAC 21 Frame 1000 M700
R hopped and assembled by Allen at umbrella
G&G F2000 400 F2k
Ye old boat gun
Trash selector, only shoots full auto
Best results achieved with high caps.
Mids with a short lip work well too
Busted light glass. Still works Is broke
M16 200
It's a loaner gun it works
Keymod is nice tho
Light as hell
TM mk 23 with lam unit 200
It's not blowback but it is gas, so it's really quiet There is a small pin that holds the brass ejector into the slide that's missing. But since this doesn't sling lead it does not impede function
Foldy pocket gun 700
It folds, it fits in your pocket
It goes full auto
It comes with 3 mags and a super slick holster.
Moved out of state and all this stuff has been sitting around for a number of years. I'm very flexible with prices, you give me a reasonable offer with links to other competitively priced alternatives, and i'll match you or beat em.