WTS: PDI lapped/milled/R-hopped 6.05mm/420mm barrel

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    Item Location: MD, USA
    Ships to: CONUS
    Payment methods accepted: PayPal or cash in person only. No trades at all. No offers.
    Returns: No returns accepted. Sale is final.

    Item: PDI 6.05mm diameter, 420mm length stainless steel barrel that has been lapped and milled. The R-hop was installed by skag187 (installed R-hopped barrels previously available from Clandestine Airsoft).
    Price: $260 + shipping/insurance
    Shipping: USPS Priority
    Date Of Manufacture/Purchase: Winter 2014
    Condition: Like New, lapped, milled, and R-hopped
    Description: This is a 6.05mm PDI barrel made of stainless steel that is 420mm long. The slanted barrel window has been milled (not filed or dremeled) off to create an R-hop window that is exactly 8mm long (0.001" tolerance). It has been lapped with 2300 iterations (800 20u, 500 10u, 400 5u, 300 1.5u, 200 0.5u, 100 CrOX).

    NOTE: If you message me asking what this is, why it is so expensively priced, or if this is better than XX barrel brand, I will ignore you. If you want to buy this barrel, then you should be willing to research why it is the best barrel on the market.

    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/O012e

    NOTE: O-rings and brass ring in the pictures are NOT included, nor are they available for sale. The patch looks a little sunken because it has been under pressure from a M-nub for several weeks.
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