WTS: Semi-Functioning WELL R4 Package (Marui MP7 AEP clone)

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    Asking: $130 OBO shipped to anywhere in the US

    Original cost of ALL included parts: $218.54

    Before I get to the details, the gun is only mostly functioning. It seems to shoot just fine on full-auto, but acts possessed by Satan in semi. Purchase as a full-auto only solution or strictly for the spare parts if you already have one.

    Modifications & Repairs:
    • Added 2 more slots to stock for more adjustment points (pretty decent job if you ask me)
    • Right-sided selector switch was removed. I ground the right side of the selector flat so you can NEVER go ambi again (it annoyingly rubs on your right hand when you’re changing firing modes anyway, so you’ll thank me for this lol)
    • Modified iron sight alignment and overtravel so that they pop up straight and stop exactly at a 90 degree vertical angle with no over or under-travel. I also repainted the dots white (much better than the factory).
    • Added like 2 literal dots of superglue on the grip seams inside the mag well to prevent grip creaking (completely un-doable and you can still split the gun apart if needed)
    • Modified the hop-up arm. The design of the hop-up chamber cants the arm toward the left so I sanded down a little of that side to even it out. Hops surprisingly straight now.
    • Replaced original MP7 flash hider with a Tokyo Arms 14mm CCW steel thread adapter to the front so I can attach normal non-MP7 flash hiders and suppressors
    • There was a slight crack in the front folding front grip’s plastic, but it’s only cosmetic. I have superglued it since and sanded it clean. There are no structural instabilities and it works as new.
    Additional parts included:
    • Like-new FMA Trademarked MP7 QD suppressor & steel flash hider (originally meant for KWA-spec MP7’s, I believe). The included flash hider is unfortunately 14mm CW, so it won’t thread on. Also, the flash hider it comes with is slightly larger so this suppressor only loosely mounts onto the original TM/WELL flash hider. I’m including it anyway in the event you can find a larger flash hider for it.
    • Two 90% complete sets of gearbox & motor spare parts (one broken piston and 2 broken tappet plates). One is another WELL R4 and the other is a JG Scorpion AEP). Keep in mind, they are two separate specs and some parts may not be cross-compatible in terms of fit.
    • Nine ball metal bushings (I superglued them to the other WELL R4 gearbox shell but can painstakingly remove them if you want)
    • Broken Nine ball metal anti-reversal latch (including for free, but it snapped)
    • Original WELL R4 battery & charger (satisfying ~13RPS rate of fire for a 7.2v)
    • 2 magazines (one original “flush” 30-rd lowcap & one MAG brand long extended 120-rd midcap). The short mag stopped feeding for some reason, but the long one is fine in full-auto. Both mags fed perfectly before things stopped shooting right. Not sure what's wrong now, but likely tappet plate issue.
    • Spare semi-damaged/modified front end piece that I damaged slightly (still usable and includes flash hider)
    • Original flash hider (since I installed the thread adapter)
    Current & Possible future problems:
    • Gun misfeeds on semi. Works perfectly fine on full-auto, but semi is wonky and fires straight basically every other shot.
    • Short mag doesn't feed anymore, but may be a simple fix that I just am not aware of since it used to shoot perfectly.
    • Hop-up rubber has two defined indents from the hop-up arm. You may want to replace it eventually. Due to the dumb design of the hop-up arm, a lot of pressure gets focused on TWO little points directly onto your hop-up bucking (it doesn’t have a nub). It still works fine though, but who knows 50,000 rounds later.
    Total Price I Paid For All Included Parts (doesn't include shipping costs): $218.54
    WELL R4: $86.50
    MAG 100rd Mid-Cap Extended Magazine: $9
    Spare Front End Assembly: $6
    Tokyo Arms Thread Adapter: $13.40
    FMA MP7 Suppressor & Flash Hider: $26
    Unbranded aluminum 190 x 35mm suppressor (14mm CW/CCW threaded): $9
    Nine Ball Bushings: $18
    JG Scorpion AEP Gearbox: $20
    Spare WELL R4 Gearbox: $30.64

    • Optics and Magpul RSA not included
    • I can answer any questions you may have or take any additional photos or videos to clarify anything.
    • Honestly, everything might be 100% fixed if you just buy another WELL R4 gearbox for ~$35. They're readily available all over Asian airsoft stores or even on eBay.
    Additional Pictures of How Mine Looked:
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    Bump! Price is wiggly so I can just make some space.

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    Whoa I forgot I still have to sell this. Dropping to $100 shipped anywhere in the US! Also considering parting out pieces if you need certain parts for your AEP project.