[WTS] Silencer Adapter for H8R Revolver

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    Hello everyone,

    A while ago, I created a 3D printed silencer adapter for the Elite Force H8R revolver. The initial prototype was made from PLA plastic, but now I have ordered, received, tested, and confirmed the form, fit, and function of an aluminum print of my design.

    I had a thread on here previously, but as it has been almost two years and there have been several updates, I have decided to make a new thread.

    The price of the adapter is $35 + shipping.

    The adapter is made from aluminum. The raw print will need some finishing work, which will require the use of a 14mm CCW die and some small metal files. The 14mm die CCW die is used to correct and clean the threads on the raw print, removing any debris and pushing any misaligned threads back into place. The files are used to clean out the barrel-side opening of the adapter and flatten out the back/bottom of the adapter.

    This is the raw print I received with no finishing work done to it:

    This is the adapter installed into the gun (without the threads corrected):

    This is a close up of the adapter after thread correction:

    This is the gun with the adapter installed and a silencer mounted:

    Since the threads are standard, this could be used to mount any normal silencer, a tracer unit, a rifle style compensator, or anything else that uses 14mm CCW threads. The adapter is solid aluminum, so I'd only worry about it breaking if you smash it against something while a really long silencer is mounted. Even then, it's quite possible the gun would break before the adapter.

    If you would like to purchase the adapter, it can be found at my Shapeways shop here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/LY743Q9SF/airsoft-h8r-revolver-14mm-ccw-adapter

    You'll also need a 14mm x 1 CCW die. You can find one here for $16.49: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BSBT44...abc_M3R6PQ2R0NDS0FEC4J4E?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1