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Hey, guys, I have another KWA G36 for y'all, this one has been sitting in my closet for a couple of years now. At the moment it's in boneyard condition but all the parts should be there. the gear box is intact, but it's locked up and I don't have the time or desire to open it up and check out. the gearbox is out of the gun though as well as all the internal parts. it will come with 3 hi cap mags.

It has some upgrade parts, those being a JG RIS handguard, a WE IDZ stock (stuck, won't adjust), and a Lonex hop up chamber.

Issues I can tell so far:

gun is in pieces

motor cage is cracked, I'll attempt to JB Weld it but this is just a heads up

missing left side selector

gearbox is intact but locked up

could possibly be missing other small parts such as body pins, a couple screws, etc.

all the hardware is in plastic bags and I'm not sure if it's all there (it probably is, but just letting y'all know just in case)

gun has been painted (could be a pro for some)

no flash hider (I probably stole it for another build but forgot about it)

if it were working the trade value (based on retail for gun and parts) would be $400ish give or take. But in its current condition, I'll put the trade value at $200. sell price is $150 shipped.

I'm willing to part the gearbox or externals just PM me.

I'd like to trade for gas pistols primarily, especially a certain unmentionable Austrian pistol by WE. I'm willing to take undervalued trades for the right package.

so here it is, my piece of junk (potential treasure though). trade me a pistol please.


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Ok. How about the ris?
Not attempting to insult I just picked up a redstar ak completely functional minus a mock bolt, shipped for $30. Granted it did not have mag. Reason selling missing bolt.

Now on to the G36. Being the gearbox is locked up/ missing hardware/cracks, missing flash hider(SC law requires orange tip if shipped over state lines), stock not able to be adjusted. I'm not going to offer remotely close to your asking price. Maybe $50 for AEG at current state.
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