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Hello AirsoftSociety,

Up for sale are two KJW CZ Shadow SP-01 and one USW-A1 CO2 magazines. They function exactly the same and the only differences are the USW-A1 mag has the "USW A1" trademark on the rear.

These mags will function in ALL CZ Shadow 1, Shadow 2, and USW-A1 GBB handguns since they are dimensionally the same.

All mags are in great and non-leaking condition, other than some paint scratches and silver sharpie (I can remove the sharpie if you don't like it). I can provide any additional photos or shooting videos to serious buyers since I'd be wasting up to 3 CO2 cartridges for the test firing.

Asking $20 shipped for each mag, but I'll sell all three for $46 shipped if you buy all 3.

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