WTS TM MP7 Airsoftjunkies hpa build

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    20210906_122024.jpg **Testing waters**
    Hey guys i have a tm mp7 hpa build
    There's a small magazine, I think 2 or 3 hiacapa extended mags and 2 brand new box of set of six mid caps Magazines
    I have no tank and I'm mostly playing gbbrs
    Comes with:
    - Moc Suppressor
    - Repro redot sight that works
    - fake peq box that houses the battery for the fcu until
    Small magazine, 2 or 3(if I can confirm) hicap mags and 2 brand new box of midcaps( 6 total mags per box)
    Selling everything for 1000 and shipping is on me
    Pics will be uploaded when I get home from work
    If interested please DM and NO TRADE offers

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