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This is SOLD!

I am selling my airsoft collection. This post is for the following items:
- Tokyo Marui Hk MK23 spring airsoft gun
- 1 magazine
- Nylon drop-leg holster
- Two suppressors (see notes)

I took a video so you can see the functions of the gun. See video HERE video password= airsoftmk23
Also see attached pictures for more detail. The forums only let me upload 10 pictures so I made a imgur gallery with all the pics HERE

- Sorry for some of the pictures being blurry, my camera was having issues focusing.
- I am selling it because I no longer do airsoft.
- I shot it a bunch of times but still feels pretty good, spring is still strong.
- The two suppressors were purchased for another airsoft gun and I retrofitted them to work with this gun. They do work but are not super secure - they could be modified to screw on the gun itself if someone wanted to. One suppressor is weighted, the other is not. They are just plastic they do not actually "suppress" or do anything other than look cool. These are just throw in extras to go with the gun and are free add-ons.

Asking $30. Paypal. PM me.


P.S. See my other guns for sale:


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