[WTS][TX] Quitting sale! Pay what you want to pay edition! *prices lowered...sorta*

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    No lies, I'm getting fairly impatient. I really want this stuff sold, and I don't need all too much money out of it, so I'm changing the game a bit. We're going to try a little social experiment inspired by general impatience and the tragedy of the commons. I'll field any offer for any of the items that aren't already SPF, but there's a certain amount of money I'm looking to get out of this sale as a whole which I will not disclose. If I get offers on every gun which cumulatively equal that amount or more, I will sell each gun to the person with the highest offer on it regardless of how reasonable that offer is. Remember what this is inspired by and think before you offer. If you'd like to make me an offer outside of this experiment, I will be using my current asking price as a baseline for negotiation. I really want to see all of these get to good homes and get there fast, so I'm willing to field a lower offer.

    Alright, so, I want to thank all of you beforehand for many wonderful transactions here over my time. Unfortunately, I'm looking to pursue other hobbies, need money, and don't airsoft enough for it to be worth it to keep all of this equipment.

    So, a few rules.

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I'm getting out of the sport and really don't want to deal with back and forth. All of these AEGS are some form of boneyard, but from what I could gather from limited exploration into each, none of them should be expensive to fix. According to the former owners (who are both multi-time users of this subreddit), both HPA guns are working A-OK, but I was unable to test this due to never having a filled tank.

    PM me if you have any concerns about my pricing. I don't mind lowballs. I want all of these guns to end up in a good home, so I'm happy to work something out with you as long as you use good grammar in PMs :)

    All transactions will be through PayPal.

    I have 9 (ish) M4 style mags (random assortment of mids and hi's) and 10 AK mags (1 hi and 9 Matrix Magpul midcap clones). You may request any amount of mags with any gun so long as I have enough left to have one with each gun that takes them. The last gun compatible with one of these types of mags will be packaged with all of the remaining ones.

    I can't give an absolute guarantee, but each gun is likely to come with some extra goodies (such as a battery, cheap flashlight, or random part I still have).

    Proportion of shipping payment is negotiable.

    Feel free to ask for more or better pictures of anything. I got much better pictures this time around, but I understand if there's something specific you want a better view of.

    TRADES: I'm not likely to take any airsoft trades unless your item would net a greater profit than the asking price of the item of mine you want. The one thing I'd take a trade for would be a high quality streaming setup. Components of this could potentially include professional headsets, external capture cards, nice PCs, facecam setups, or anything else you can convince me I need to stream. Also accepting whole PCs of sufficient quality, mice, monitors, and keyboards

    So, here are the items.

    PICS: http://imgur.com/a/TR7Ye

    Daytona gun SCAR-L: Comes with everything in the picture (foam filled suppressor, (I think RS) foregrip, Cantilever R/G dot sight, as well as a brass barrel r-hop'd by Tony, and the original flash hider. Previous owner claims that everything is good besides the magwell needing some work to comfortably fit AEG mags (it is a WE SCAR base). Externally, there are a few blemishes, but it's in good condition overall.

    Daytona gun WE SCAR-L: $695

    Cantilever R/G sight: $39

    Barrel r-hopped by Tony: $35

    Foam filled suppressor: $35

    Fancy foregrip: $19

    Magwell work required: -$24

    Total: $799

    TM/G&P M14 EBR: - G&P EBR kit, new outer barrel assembly, Prometheus gear set (brand new, only a few test shots on it.), fire control parts replaced, 6.03 tightbore Barrel w/ TM bucking, 8 Mags, Harris style bipod, 1 7.62 mag pouch, 3-9x40 scope, original flash hider, really nice looking paintjob, huge bag of spare M14 parts (almost everything besides the receiver and stock needed for a second gun(magwell, almost all of a gearbox, NIB Evike "Monster" Torque-up motor). Now for the bad part. It was working completely fine, then stopped feeding (common issue in M14s), so I began to take it apart and never finished. I never even made it to the gearbox. I can damn near well assure you that everything you need is there (but once again, as is). Comes with all kinds of wonderful extras as you can see and has a body kit worth $400 new alone. In decent external condition.

    Painted G&P M14 EBR external kit: $280

    Prometheus v7 gearset: $40

    Other internals (mostly Marui as that was the donor gun): $61

    Spare parts bag: $57

    8 metal mags (mix of mids and hi's): $61 (M14 mags are expensive yo)

    Mag pouch: $8

    Harris bipod: $19

    3-9x40 scope: $29

    Feeding issue: -$45

    Partially Disassembled state: -$81

    Total: $429

    AKS-74u P*: Charging handle doesn't lock forward and the body isn't in completely perfect condition, but it works according to the last owner. It comes with just the gun and supressor. I can't guarantee this, but the barrel looks like stainless steel and that suppressor on the outside is super high quality.

    CYMA AKs-74u body: $74

    Custom Paracord job: $14

    Polarstar v3 FE: $369

    Total: $457

    Super Awesome Project AK-47!: So, this began its life as an ICS AK, but got upgrades from its previous owner. It comes with a simple mosfet, brand new cutoff lever, brand new SHS tappet plate, brand new Lonex aluminum air nozzle, ZCI full metal tooth piston, ZCI gears, ICS Turbo 3000 motor, Modify Baton Ryusoku bucking, new cutoff lever, full metal lower receiver (not pictured on accident) and barrel assembly, original ICS plastic furniture, and full wooden furniture, and side-rail. Right now, it's taken down to all of its component parts because it wouldn't fire in semi and now won't fire at all (I mean, it is completely disassembled). For anyone who's interested in v3 teching, this is a project from the bottom up which is amazing when functioning (I did have it working on auto for a while, was a beast)

    High quality parts ensemble: $99

    Original body: $83

    Wood kit: $49

    Side rail: $13

    Project state: $-120

    Total: $124

    Umarex Tf11 Package: This package consists of two guns and three mags. They're all in good condition with the wear consisting of just scratches (though they're only visible in harsh light). They work like new except for one little problem. I'm not entirely sure why, but one of the mags doesn't get along with one of the guns (works fine with the other!). You'll know it when you see it. Now then, these guns run on 12g CO2 cartridges and each of the mags has a 50+1 capacity. The best two things about this gun are the ROF and the blowback. The ROF (just eyeballing, not chrono'd) is around 20rps (yes, actually). I don't think I've ever had more fun with target practice :) . The blowback comes in the form of a little knob on top that, you guessed it, blows backwards every shot (which feels awesome at 20-ish rps).

    Tf11's with one mag: $104

    Spare mag: $23

    Weird issue with one mag and one gun: -$12

    Total: SPF

    Classic Army Armalite (Spartan?) M4: Boneyard, but probably just needs new motor contacts (and possibly heat sink screws). Everything else should be there, but this thing is old and has a bit of rust on the sight unit. Overall, it's not in great condition, but comes with mock suppressor, carry handle sight, carry handle rail attachment, red dot sight, cool ergo grip, spare barrels, hopups, and a nice Systema motor (grey bell with (light red?) Systema label). It may just need a new motor contact, or it may need more work, I couldn't tell.

    Externals in current condition: $88

    Sight unit and suppressor: $47

    Internals and spare parts: $79

    Project condition: $-111

    Total: $103

    G&G L85: It has all the parts and is in pretty good external condition, but it won't fire. I'm 90% sure it's something electrical--the gun was almost never used, but spent almost its entire life in its former owner's storage--probably just needs some TLC.

    G&G L85 in good condition: $275

    Unknown likely electrical issue: $-111

    Total: $164

    JG G36: It's currently a few screws from reassembly. Former owner claimed that it would work upon reassembly, but I never tested it. Comes with gun, M4 magwell adapter, 2 G36 mags.

    JG G36: $78

    Spare mag: $9

    Magwell adapter: $13

    Simple assembly required: $-11

    Total: SPF

    X3300W: Self explanatory, good condition, never fielded and only used once in the backyard for about five minutes.

    Total: $91 (SPF, but willing to hear offers at asking price)

    Pics again: http://imgur.com/a/TR7Ye

    Thank you for reading, and please, please give me some offers!
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    B-B-B-Bump it up my good forum bot!

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    I'm interested in the polar star AK. You said it works and your willing to negotiate on the price. Would you take 325? for it?

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    Also can send some additional pictures of it?

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    I will not go that low.
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    Hot damn. I really really like the idea of your sale. I really do. Very VERY creative.
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    Unfortunately, it failed. I never got offers on almost any of it. I'm pretty much back to just selling like a normal person lol.