WTS Umarex ARX 160 Elite EBB, WE M4 AEG, ASG Aug A3 AEG, G&G F2000 AEG

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    Coral Gables
    Umarex ARX 160 Elite - Tan
    Gun is stock. Used 3 times. Includes Hi-cap, 3 elite force midcaps with tan Magpul mag assists (never used!), G&P 9.6V battery, smart charger. Will be shipped with original box and manuals. Tip is painted black $300 shipped

    WE M4 AEG Full Metal
    Gun is stock. Comes with Valken 9.6V battery, magwell grip, carry handle, crane stock (gun is front wired), sight, riser, and hi-cap magazine. Will also ship with original stock. Tip is painted black. $220 shipped

    ASG Aug A3
    Gun is heavily upgraded. Comes with G&G Green bucking, teflon tape hop up mod, Angel Custom 6.01 500mm tight-bore barrel, upgraded air nozzle and spring guide. Shoots 400 fps with .2 bbs. Comes with mock EOtech, 3x flip-to-side magnifier, metal aug a3 flash hider, 9 mid-caps, 2 hi-caps, mock Magpul AFG, Valken 8.4V battery, manual, smart charger. $425 shipped

    G&G F2000
    Gun is stock except for teflon tape mod on hop up. Front sight is missing as is the flash hider and semi-auto doesn't work (common issue with this gun). Comes with mock T1-micro red/green dot sight, 8 elite force mid-caps (M4) that have been modified to fit this gun, hi-cap, and a Valken 9.6V battery. $300 shipped

    I'm selling all my AEGs to go for a Tippmann M4 and all the fixings. They have all been excellently maintained and will be cleaned and tested before shipping. No trades. No modifying of packages

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    Coral Gables

    G&G F2000 is no longer for sale. Also, my original prices were set a little too high so below are the new prices.

    WE M4: $200 OBO shipped
    Elite Force ARX 160 Elite: $260 OBO shipped
    ASG Aug A3: $350 OBO shipped

    All prices are or best offer.

    Thanks again for looking!