[WTS] Upgraded JG M14 EBR [USED] - $250

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  1. Hunter The Doge

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    JG (aka 6mmproshop) M14 EBR USED- $250 (OBO) -> I pay for shipping.

    - Last chrono readings were ~400 FPS with 0.2g BBs.

    - Prometheus 6.03 Barrel 500mm (R-Hopped)

    - Lonex Ball Bearing Spring Guide v7

    - Lonex ARL

    - Lonex v7 Cylinder Head

    - Lonex Aluminum Piston Head

    - SHS Piston

    - SHS Aluminum Air Nozzle v7

    - SHS v7 Spring Set

    - SHS 13:1 Gears (JG uses v2/v3 gears)

    - Lonex Type 0 Cylinder

    - Gate Warfet

    - AIM 2-7x Scope

    - Element 28 TPA Armature (in a Matrix Shell) -> Short Type

    - Positive to Negative Barrel Adapter

    - Back Rail Mount

    - 2 Mid-Caps (forgot if it was G&P or Kingarms -> it is metal)

    - 1 Hi-Cap (Has dents on the side)

    The gun has some some wear from usage/disassembly and the soldering/shimming job wasn't perfect.

    PM for pictures or any other information.