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For sale is a heavily upgraded VFC HK417 D AEG. Almost nothing in the gearbox has been left stock. This gun is a testament to the beauty of German engineering. Extremely good weight, solid build, solid full metal externals all around as expected from VFC. Who doesn't love a nice T H I C C 417 boi? The gun has been upgraded with the following:
  • Retro Arms V2.2 gearbox + QD spring guide ($120)
  • Siegetek Balanced V2/3 20.81:1 ratio gears ($110)
  • Lonex ultimate polycarb piston ($10)
  • Lonex aluminum vented piston head ($8)
  • Systema M130 spring ($10)
  • Guarder chromium full cylinder ($15)
  • Guarder stainless steel V2 cylinder head ($12)
  • Stock nozzle
  • Sorbo pad
  • 6mmProShop Tienly GT-45000 motor ($65)
  • Gate NANO mosfet ($30)
  • ZCI 270mm 6.02mm R-hopped tightbore inner barrel ($40)
  • Modify flat hop bucking ($10)
  • ElvishTac S-nub ($6)
  • Stock VFC hop unit
  • 6 Midcap magazines included
  • 1 Hicap magazine included
  • Iron sights included
  • Rail covers included
    Metal flash hider included
  • EXTENDED 509mm ZCI 6.02mm tightbore inner barrel included for sniper builds

The gun is shooting around 420-430 FPS with 0.2's and about 16-18 RPS on an 11.1v battery. The retro arms gearbox has a quick spring change feature built in, so that you can change your spring from the rear of the gun to comply with field/CQB limits without disassembling the gearbox.

The gun comes with the HK style rail covers shown in the picture as well as SEVEN MAGAZINES (6 midcap, 1 hicap, $200 value). The magazines have had their springs replaced with Systema magazine springs so they no longer have the infamous feeding issue that other VFC HK417's are known for. In total, this package is worth over $1000. The gun will ship in a 40 inch hard case for FREE ($40 value). *(Angled grip and scope not included)

The gun has the following issues to speak of. They are all relatively easy fixes, I just don't have the time to do it. I'm not very good at teching airsoft either.
1) One of the stock sling points is broken. No big deal, you honestly can't notice unless you physically move the sling point around like I did for the picture above. You should be using a buffer tube sling point anyways, not a plastic stock one. Or you can just buy a new 417 stock.
2) The charging handle/bolt cover is a bit sticky. This just comes with having a beefy gearbox like the Retro Arms that takes up a ton of interior space. You can always slide the bolt cover back into place. The bolt catch may need adjustment to properly release the fake bolt cover.
3) One of the motor grip screws is stripped. It had to be pulled out to access the gearbox so there is a big scar on the bottom of the grip (unnoticeable except from the bottom), but this does not affect performance, and the grip can always be swapped out for a new one.
4) The gearbox is locked up. Mistake on my part (I used a weak battery), so I'm selling for very cheap. Very simple fix - just release the anti-reversal latch or open up the gearbox and manually reset it. I checked and the piston is confirmed resting at the rear. The gun is NOT dead, it just needs that fixed to start pumping rounds downrange again. All other components (motor, mosfet, hop up, etc.) are working fine.
5) The selector switch area has a scratched area (see picture). Selector functions perfectly fine.


(no trades please)
(Paypal G&S)
(Buyer pays shipping & fees)

Thank you and have a nice day. :)


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