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WTS/WTT WE G39c, and K conversion
I prefer to trade, will consider any GBBR, LMGs, Tippmann. Asking: $415 OBO
PayPal Only

Trades: I receive first If you want to trade, we can negotiate what comes with the gun (extra parts, accessories, optics etc.) to match values and/or your desire

--- Includes the following:

(1) G39c GBBR (minor ware, once skirmished)

(6) G39 GBBR Magazines (5 are like new, one has a cracked mount inside the mag shell, but has been reseated)

(1) Installed RA-Tech Charging Handle

(1) Installed 500 FPS Nozzle

(1) Upgraded nub

(1) Custom fit Charging handle pin (the stock one didn't fit well with the steel Charging handle I bought, so I machined one down from an AEG that is super snug and absolutely not budge without you intentionally removing it with a punch)

(1) Black G39c AND G39k flash hider (minimal wear, no wear, respectively)

(1) 440mm 6.03 We precision inner barrel Outer barrel extension for conversion the the "K" barrel length (to be used wit the 440mm inner barrel listed above)

Original inner barrel

Original nozzle

SRC Quad rail "K" length handguard

The original "C" length handguard
--- Custom work includes:

Setting of all at-risk pins with cold weld

Setting of the mock piston assembly with super glue to minimize barrel wobble

Converted to semi auto (my field required it for the high FPS)

--- Pics can be found here I will take new (better) pics in the next couple of days (rifle stored away from my location an the moment) and will upload them ASAP. If you are interested, message me, and I can get them to you pronto

The part I filed down to convert it to semi auto is the same piece that you dremel to convert the WE M4 to semi only as well, and that part can be replaced for $6 if you require full auto.

Considering all GBBs, DMRs, or LMGS. Strong preference toward WE Tech Rifles, US LMGs, MP7, MP5, or MP9 platform of equal or better value

I have optics, grips, sights and suppressors I can add through negotiation and I can send you the shooting vid upon request.

Thanks for looking!
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