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    I got 3 guns up for sale. All of which work properly to the best of my knowledge.

    1) We-Tech M4 Gas Blowback - $325 Shipped OBO


    No issues with the gun, pretty much completely stock with the exception of a RA-Tech NPAS, and PDI hop-up rubber.
    Will come with all attachments, white paint, and one (non-leaky) magazine. The gun is currently in Honolulu, Hawaii. I will pay shipping.

    Below are the enhancements done to the rifle:
    -RA-Tech NPAS (Will include stock valve if I can find it)

    -PDI hop-up rubber

    - Buffer tube nylon washer enhancement (to prevent the bolt from rolling behind the trigger assembly.)

    -Properly maintained, and seals were lubed before and after every game (and during the off-time if was not playing)

    -Build was assisted from Soap from Devtac in San Fran.

    Other important things to note:
    -I will not repaint it, will be shipped as shown.
    -Everything works without issues (to the best of my knowledge)
    -PEQ box does not work (however, all the laser internals are still in there if you wanna rewire it)
    -Green gas / propane magazine. C02 was never ran in this gun.
    -Bolt catch is finicky

    *Since it is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the upper and lower receivers will be split and placed in the same box. I will make sure everything is secured and padded properly to prevent damage to the product.

    2) We-Tech MK17 Gas Blowback - $275 Shipped OBO


    We-Tech SCAR-H GBBR pretty much all stock. Only a few enhancements, nothing big. I am the second owner, however, I did maintenance it, and fix whatever minor problems were present.

    The gun will come with 2 (non-leaky) magazines.

    The only enhancement I have done to this gun is the receiver screw replacement (besides the maintenance stuff).
    On all GBBR SCARs, the user is recommended to replace the 6 receiver screws to prevent the slamming of the bolt from pushing all the barrel assembly internals forward. With the replaced screws, none of the barrel assembly parts are pushed forward when the gun is fired.

    The bolt catch does work.

    -Magpul K-Grip (FDE)

    The bads:
    -Most (if not all) steel parts of the gun have minor rust on it. Not really a big issue though as all the steel parts on the gun are cosmetic parts.

    -Previous owner applied JB-Weld to the selector switch, I did get most of it off so the selector moves like it should. You can try to clean it out more to reveal the screw holding the selector, just replace the selector.

    -Sometimes, the gun has a hard time feeding the last round of the magazine. Tested with both magazines, both had the same issue. I believe its a worn nozzle.

    -Lot of scratches and cometic wear from the previous owner.

    Besides that, there's nothing else wrong with it.
    *Since it is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the upper and lower receivers will be split and placed in the same box. I will make sure everything is secured and padded properly to prevent damage to the product.

    2) PTS Magpul PDR-C Custom - $325 Shipped OBO


    Where do I even start? Some of you might have seen this gun in the past, if not, the hydrodip was done by Black Ops Airsoft in Tracy, California. Though the store did go out of business due to legal reasons.
    This gun will come with the original items in the box like the magazine cover, fake 5.56 "Magpul" bullet, and original paperwork.

    I have done minor enhancements / upgrades to the gun:
    -Prometheus 6.03 / 275mm tightbore barrel
    -Madbull Blue or Maple Leaf bucking (forgot which one is currently in there)
    -GATE Pico SSR MOSFET (non-programmable)
    -Deans connectors
    -ICS laser is installed to the front port under the muzzle. It is threaded, so the laser is removable.
    -Hydrodip in Orion Design Group LUPUS camouflage. (By: Black Ops Airsoft)
    -PTS PDR #2400

    The bads:
    -Only feeds well with PTS Magazines. I've also ran Beta Project magazines, however those are a hit or miss. I was told that KWA K120's work as well, but never tested them.
    -Picky with magazines (as stated previously)
    -Tight battery compartment. (I used a 1000mAh 7.4v lipo stick which managed to fit perfectly)
    -The batteries for the laser die quickly (even when you don't use it), however, it uses LR44 batteries which aren't too hard to find.
    -Hydrodip is cracking at the sling point, and at the hinge at the top of the gun.
    -Hop-up is sensitive (however, they're sensitive on all PDR's)

    Besides that, those are the only bad parts I know about it (to the best of my knowledge)

    *The gun is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. I will try to use USPS Flat Rate box, and make sure everything is secured properly for shipping.

    All prices are negotiable, I am NOT looking for trades, PayPal only, NO INTERNATIONAL sales / shipping.
    All guns will be shipped from Hawaii, however, I will be covering shipping (so no shipping fee on you!)
    Send me a message if your interested, or want more photos. I can try dig up more photos from my drive.
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    I am like really ****ing digging that M4