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    This gun has a few issues and I'm going to say it first and out front. You will need a new hop up. The suppressor has holes drilled for rails from the previous owner. There are some epoxy around the gun from me attempting to fix cosmetic issues the gun had when I got it. I bought new hand guard pins but they wont fit. It's not an issues since the handguard won't come off unless you wan't it to but I'll include them and you can have a go at it. The selector does not work, and the spectre wont register selector positions. All selector positions is semi. There's some bad paint work from me but that's because the original owner painted it storm trooper white and I had to paint it back to black (look at the butt pad to get an idea of what it was like originally). There's also a bit of rust on one of the screws for the rail sleeve but I can guarantee there are no rust in any important places as I have cleaned the gun completely and have had the internals checked and tuned (when I got it it was all teh screws were like a rust bucket, had to buy so much krud kutter).

    1. PayPal only
    2. Shipping is the cheapest I can find. It might come with insurance, it might not. The second it leaves my hand it is no longer my responsibility.
    3. Any expedited shipping/extra insurance will be paid for by the buyer.
    4. Prices are NOT negotiable

    Price is $350 shipped, I feel this is an extremely fair price so I'm not going any lower (Especially since I bought it for $400 and then put a bunch of work and replacement parts into it). What I have today is something I picked up recently and just got too frustrated to fix completely. For the people who know this gun, you know what this is, for the people who don't (https://gtapex.com/08/airsoft_g3sbs.html). It's built off a CA MC51 so the body is full metal. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section. If you are interested please DM me. Now lets get into the parts.

    1. Rhoped EdGi barrel with G&G green
    2. BTC spectre MK2
    3. 13:1 gears
    4. ASG 30K boost motor
    5. SHS piston
    6. VFC gearbox

    1. First Factory G3 EBR stock
    2. LayLax Nitro Vo. rail sleeve.
    3. G&P pistol grip
    4. Angel custom G3 ambi mag release

    1. AFG
    2. 2 Hi caps

    1. VFC SCAR H GBB with mags
    2. .308 platforms
    3. Custom glocks
    4. Custom hicapas
    5. Anything else, but the above will be given priority


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    Is this still available? If so pm me