WTS/WTT KWA m4a1 (Gen 1) + G&P M203

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    Hey everyone. I'm selling my Gen 1 KWA m4, along with my G&P M203 + Madbull 120 round shell:


    Price: $200 OBO* (Trades will be considered too*)

    The gun will come as pictured, with the exception of the Eotech replica. Instead, you will get the standard M4 rear sight/carry handle. I can also include metal rear sight. Also, there will be no PEQ box, as it broke this past weekend <.<'. It is just a battery case though, so you can either get another one, use a battery bag, rewire it to the rear/the 10,000 other m4 battery options.

    This is currently shooting in the 390 fps range. Internal upgrades include:
    -Titanium teeth piston
    -Prometheus Torque Up gears
    -New Spring

    As you can see externally, it has a handguard length RIS system, and a Magpul style rear stock. I will include the original rear stock and handguard with purchase. The only problem with the exterior besides typical wear and tear is it is missing the forward assist button. This is purely a cosmetic piece and can be replaced for dirt cheap.

    I'm going to ask for $200 OBO. I would be interested in trades as well, but I'll get to that after the grenade launcher bit.

    G&P M203 RIS with 120bb madbull shell.
    $90 together
    $60 for the Launcher
    $40 for the Shell

    See above for the picture of it. Operates fine, in good condition. Would prefer to sell these together, and I'll knock $10 off the price if you do.

    Trades I would entertain (Would either be 1:1 or you trade plus give some $$$ to even value depending the offer) :
    -KWA Mp9
    -TM P90 TR and related accessories
    -AK Accessories (AK grenade launcher, Rail systems, etc)
    -Magpul PDR
    -KWA/TM Mp7
    -FAMAS Accessories
    -Bolt Action sniper Rifles

    I'll consider just about anything, but the items above would garner more strength.
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