WTS/WTT: KWA MK23 Halo Magnum custom

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    Hello all,

    For sale (or possibly trade) is a rare KWA MK23 GBB airsoft pistol wih an even more rare custom 3D printed Halo Magnum kit.

    The base gun works fine, aside from the slide not always locking back on the last shot, but it does when manually racking it.. Might be a common thing with these MK23's.
    Also the mock extractor and serial plate number are missing, but this does not affect the function of the gun in the slightest, and it cannot be seen with the 3D kit installed.

    The kit is in two parts. To uninstall it, you simply have to grab a compatible hex screwdriver and remove the silver screw that's attached to the trigger guard from the front. That one screw holds in the entire front part of the kit.
    You may have to apply quite a bit of pressure when pulling it off from the front.
    For the back part of the kit, use a compatible hex screwdriver to remove the silver screw at the top near the rear sights.
    This will make the mock firing pin fall which is normal. Just put it back in and put either the original top sight screw or the Halo kit screw to hold it in place.

    The original front and rear sights will be included. They had to be removed for the kit to be installed.

    The kit even has a standard rail included if you want to add a laser or flashlight.

    Located in South FL.

    Prefer to sell than trade,

    Asking $279 shipped obo

    For trades, nothing electric, and nothing Hi-Capa related. Shell ejecting guns preferred. 20200906_112757.jpeg 20200906_112813.jpeg 20200906_112725.jpeg 20200906_112711.jpeg 20200906_113202.jpeg 20200906_113151.jpeg 20200906_112850.jpeg 20200906_112837.jpeg 20200906_113225_002.jpeg 20200906_113312.jpeg 20200906_113407.jpeg 20200906_113421.jpeg 20200906_113509.jpeg
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