WTS/WTT: Pantac CIRAS (CB-size L) with pouches

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    -In a trade, you ship first.
    -Once items leave my hands, I am no longer responsible for them
    -Items will be fully insured for the purchase price
    -USPS will be default shipping unless you request otherwise
    sale value: $75 without pouches, $150 with pouches

    Up for sale/trade is my Coyote Brown, Large, Pantac land CIRAS. Before you get discouraged by the sizing, this vest is VERY adjustable. I am not a big guy (5'11 @ 190lbs, wearing a size 34-36 pants) and this vest fits me nice and snug with the fake (cardboard) plates. There is A LOT of real-estate on this vest...5 rows of molle on the lower area (as opposed to 4 rows on every other CIRAS I have seen). This vest is in good condition; however it is not in brand new condition. On the inside of the vest, where the Velcro closes for the BALCS armor compartment, there is some fraying on the mesh fabric (from rubbing). This is not a functional/structural issue, and when the vest is on you don't even see it. All of the stitching on this vest is solid and strong. This vest will also include an internal cummerbund. The reason I am getting rid of this CIRAS is ultimately I am looking for something in OD (though feel free to send me any offers)

    What I am looking for..
    First choice: OD vest/plate carrier
    Second choice: M81 Woodland vest/plate carrier
    Working good condition G36 AEG with at least one to two mags.

    If you buy/trade with pouches, i will include the following:
    2x Tac Shield double universal rifle mag pouch
    Tac Shield triple pistol magazine pouch
    Tac Shield utility pouch
    Red Rock Outdoor utility pouch
    Rothco admin pouch

    All pouches are brand new and have never seen a game. This is $90 worth of brand new pouches.

    If we trade and your offer does NOT include pouches (unless there is a big price difference), the pouches will not be included unless you add money (or other items)

    What everyone wants to see:

    (the white you see inside the vest is white duct-tape on the cardboard/foam soft armor)

    Shoot me a PM with any offers!
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    bumpity bump, make me an offer to take it home with you!

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    Still selling? Oh god please tell me you're selling

    EDIT: Dang I got excited and posted too fast. I now see that it's a land version. Still considering this though.

    EDIT AGAIN: Nevermind I might want to buy this.
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    PM replied! Xxxxxxxxxx20
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    vest SOLD! mods can close.
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