WTS/WTT: Radier M4

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    Selling/Trading my Raider M4.


    Built on G&G Raider XL polymer receivers with original G&G pneumatic blowback gearbox with spring tension release. The blowback unit is complete and installed but disabled.

    Rifle functions and cycles with no issues.

    • Raider polymer receivers(trades removed).
    • SRC stock and metal tube.
    • SRC slim grip.
    • DD AR15 Rail 7.0
    • Modify Hop.
    • ICS turbo 3000 motor.
    • MB Gemtech Halo.
    • Leapers red/green dot.
    • Six new metal hicap mags.

    Price: $175 obo shipped

    Looking for a G36K or SIG 551/2 models in particular.

    *Due to work, I will ship on Friday, 2/12.*
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    Red Bluff
    SOLD. Please close thread.