Wts/wtt/ttw: Massive ****ing a e s t h e t i c sales post

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    Selling all kinds of **** to fund stupid expenditures: AVS, PRC152, **** like that.



    --I'm an extremely overworked college student and it's right before midterms; I 'm going to be shipping on my own timetable. Usually that means within a week. If you need something urgently we can work something out, of course.
    --For the few packages, not parting for less than $40 because of shipping costs.
    --Feel free to offer me trades, but I'm probably gonna say no if it's not on my list. Cash is king.
    --Everything sold as-is; No refunds or returns within reason. If something isn't what was described I'd be more than happy to work with you to fix it. I want my customers happy.
    --All prices are shipped OBO, the more expensive the more OBO.
    --More pictures on request.

    From the top(read: not from the top):

    1. Tactical Tailor Modular Operator Pack in Coyote Brown.
    A bit damaged, one of the compression straps is broken. TT might fix it, but right now I'm just selling for cheap. $100 shipped.

    2. Mayflower APC S/M in multicam.
    Pretty good condition, I'd say 4 years old. No rips or damage, some sweat stains on the inside of the platebags. Includes the Mayflower triple insert WITHOUT BUNGEE RETENTON. Dummy plates not included, but I will include foam side plate inserts. $200 shipped.

    3. Airframe package.
    TMC shell, some random assortment of pads, Ebay-sourced counterweight pouch, Crye rails, Ops Core VAS shroud, Ops Core H-nape S/M, Crye airframe cover multicam medium. Too small for me. $225 shipped.

    4. Oldgen Blackhawk! Omega ALICE vest.
    Pretty good condition considering it's age. Good for 90s ****. $100.

    5. SOLD Comms package! Willing to part headset and PTT.
    --TEA Lite II headset. Was told it was worth about $125
    --Baofeng radio with 2x extended batteries and charger
    --whip antenna
    --antenna relocation cable
    --REAL peltor PTT modded to work with TEA headset
    --TYR Motorola radio pouch
    All for $225 shipped. SOLD

    6. Random oldgen-ish belt rig.
    Canteen pouch (two if I can find the second), M4 mag pouch, buttpack. $60 shipped OBO.

    7. TTW: Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra.
    Love this flashlight, but I really rarely use it- my Streamlight microstream is just so much more convenient. Might be willing to part with it for the right price or a solid trade.

    8. SOLD TTW: Surefire M300U Mini Scout Light.
    Been using it on my 416, and it's great. But I have other lights and DBALs and such, and I don't need two different sources of white light right now. Might be willing to part with it for the right price or a solid trade. SOLD

    9. TYR triple M4 hybrid mag pouch.
    Good condition. $50 shipped.

    10. TYR zip-on MOLLE back panel with 50oz Hydration.
    Good condition, no issues. $75 shipped.

    11. TYR micro SOF IFAK.
    Has A+POS and NDKA on it in red sharpie. Good condition. $35 shipped.

    12. HSGI grenade pouches.
    Good condition, includes MALICE clips. $15 shipped each.

    13. Warrior Assault Systems GP pouches. 9x7, 5x4.
    Both in good condition. Have had the external MOLLE removed for a slicker look. The bigger one is the perfect size for an MRE. 9x7, $20 shipped; 5x4, $15 shipped.

    14. BAE 100rd pouch.
    Fine condition, I have no 100rd mags so I don't need it. I've been using it as a way to carry my laptop charger. $15 shipped.

    15. SOLD Aimpoint T1 repro.
    Red and green, includes new battery. Fixed low mount, would be good for an AK. $35 shipped. SOLD

    16. Magpul RVG2, FDE.
    Pre-drilled for direct mounting onto Geissele HK/MLOK handguards. $25 shipped.

    17. Extreme-Fire Panther computerized MOSFET.
    Never used, never tested. Probably works. It does everything BTC Spectres do, just in a different package. $60 shipped.

    NODs. Gen2 or better.
    Warrior Assault Gear X300 pack MC.
    Crye AVS harness, med/multicam
    Crye AVS acessories, med
    VBSS ****
    TS modified PRC 152
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    Messaged about headset