WTT: custom CM16 gbb w/ blackops 1911 pistol. Trade GBB only!!!

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    I have a custom cm16 gbb raider for sale. I will include two magazines (one leaky but just needs to be tightened), I will include a suppressor but if needs to be attached still( it is worth a lot of money), I am including a 9x infertilized adjustable scope with scope risers. The whole scope setup cost about 120 and I got the scope 50 bucks off. The suppressor kit was about 60, the gun was 200. I also include a blackops 1911 pistol. It is very nice and kicks hard, shoots accurately, and it is loud. The GBB kicks decent, I need to fix the selector switch. Other than that everything is in fine condition. I also painted the tips orange so I could transport them without getting in trouble. You can oring over it or you can maybe remove the paint.

    GHK G5
    Other GBB!!! Offer up!!!