WTT Echo 1 RPK LMG (LNIB), WTTF (Look Inside)

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    Simple Rules:
    1. Please pm me for everything
    2. Don't BLAST on MY post. See 1st rule
    3. I ship from 53158.
    4. Unless you have more feed back than me, I don't ship first.

    Trade value: $220 (Someone was asking)
    A plus if you live in Mid-West or near Wi (53158) as the original box with gun is HUGH.

    So trades (without issues) i'm looking for:
    H&K SL9 ---- (1st Choice)
    SIG 556 (KING ARMS or Cybergun) ---- (2nd Choice)
    SCAR H / L with mags
    ACR / MASADA's
    Part lots external/internal (in my favor)
    M4 mag well weapons (No project gun unless in my favor)

    The gun has NEVER been fielded. Taken out of the box for testing then back in it went.

    Echo 1 RPK LMG (LNIB)
    FPS: 410 - 420
    Upgrades: Deans connector
    Gun is stock
    Less than 100 rnds thru barrel

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    Trade Value?
    Free bump!!